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Ukrainians in February 2022 and May 2023


Ukrainians in February 2022 and May 2023

Unfortunately, the war in Ukraine continues. For almost one year and a half, every day, every second, Ukrainians have been fighting for the right to live in a free country. During this time, each of us rethought our existence. I would like to tell how this period of time with the full-scale invasion changed the citizens of Ukraine, their self-identification and belief in victory.

The most important thing is that in May 2023, 98% of Ukrainians believed in victory (1% of respondents answered that they do not believe, and another 1% – undecided). For comparison, in February 2022, this figure was 56%. Now 97% of Ukrainian citizens trust the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The emotional state of Ukrainians is high.

Of course, this war causes a lot of damage and stress. Ukrainians are most nervous about the loss of loved ones (63%) and the loss of a source of income (42%), on the third step – the risk of losing property and the risk of dying during hostilities. Unfortunately, among emotions, sadness and anger prevail over joy and inspiration.

More than half of Ukrainians limit themselves in entertainment and shopping.21% of families live at a distance. It means that husbands live in Ukraine and their wives and children are abroad.

The majority of citizens suffered direct or indirect consequences from the full-scale invasion; only 14% of Ukrainians had no losses.

Attitude towards Russia

92% of Ukrainians have a bad attitude towards Russia; only 2% have a good attitude. According to the analysis of sociologists for that time (February 2022- May 2023), the attitude has changed radically, because 80% of those who had a good attitude towards Russia before the war changed their attitude to the negative one.

Only 10% of Ukrainians believe that it is necessary to proceed to negotiations with Russia in order to end the war as soon as possible. 86% of Ukrainians are sure of the need to continue the armed struggle. For 82% of respondents, no territorial concessions are acceptable. Only 10% believe that in order to achieve peace and preserve independence, it is possible to give up some territories.

For most Ukrainians, the war became the hardest test in life, which changed everyone. Psycho-emotional state, economic well-being, political views, etc. underwent transformations. During the passing year, shock and confusion gave way to confidence and faith. In such a difficult period of history for Ukraine, the majority of citizens reconsidered their views, assessments and life.

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